Friday, August 23, 2013
I have had the privilege to be featured in Power Source Magazine. This is the review they wrote about my new album,'Angel With Tattoos'.

Kristina Craig's new 12-song album, Angel With Tattoos, has been released and is already making some noise. The album kicks off with a delightful harmony piece that leads into the feel-good, up-tempo song, "Nowhere To Be." This commercial Country gem has slick production that allows Craig's vocal to shine. Craig's songwriting is also very impressive, as she co-wrote every song on the album.

The title track "Angel With Tattoos" is a well crafted Country song that reminds us blessings come in all different forms, which is something we all need to remember. Another standout track is "Glory Shine," which is an up-tempo Praise song, which adds a nice touch to this album.                                                   
Craig's vocal has a wonderful familiarity to  it that is going to help her succeed. Craig says this album was a long time in the making, so let's hope another one comes soon!